Canidae Senior Dog Food Review

Canidae Senior Dog Food Review

A lot of people believe you can give dogs just any old food and they will get all the nutrition they need. That isn’t always the case, especially if your dog has an allergy. Much like people, dogs can have allergies to grains and you may have to start giving them a special grain-free food like the Canidae Grain Free Senior Dry Dog Food.

In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at the Canidae Grain Free Senior Dry Dog Food. We are going to go over the ingredients of the senior dog food, but we are also going to give you a brief summary of the reviews for the product.

At the end, we’ll give you our recommendation on whether or not the food is good enough for your beloved pooch.

About The Product

The Canidae dog food company was opened in 1996 and the company dedicates a lot of effort into creating food that is going to be nutritious but also addresses the common sensitivities that dogs will sometimes have.

In the grain-free line, you’ll find five different canned food recipes and nine dry food formulas – some of which are specifically designed for small breed dogs, adult dogs, puppies, seniors, and dogs who need weight management food.

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

Notable features of the Canidae Grain Free Senior Dry Dog Food include:

  • 30% Protein
  • 29% Fats
  • 41% Carbohydrates

The first ingredient in this dog food is chicken, which is an excellent source of protein. The chicken, when raw, contains at least 70% water, so when that chicken is cooked and put into the recipe, it is only going to account for a small portion of its original weight.

Fortunately, the second item ingredient in this food is menhaden fish meal, which has 300% more protein than the fresh chicken. The menhaden fish are small ocean fish that is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These fish aren’t exposed to mercury contamination, which is a concern when using deep water fish.

The next ingredients are peas and lentils, both of which are carbohydrates that offer an ample amount of dietary fiber, as well as a little bit of protein too. Potatoes are the fifth ingredient and are considered to be a gluten-free carbohydrate that is easily digestible. Unfortunately, potatoes do not offer a lot of other nutritional value.

The sixth and seventh ingredients are whole dried egg and chicken fat (respectively). Both of these ingredients are full of valuable nutrients that dogs can benefit from.

What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Canidae Grain Free Senior Dry Dog Food, we noticed the majority of consumers had great things to say about the food. People love that the ingredients used in this food are of a high quality and offer a good amount of nutritional value.

People like that this is a grain-free formula, which is important for the dogs who suffer from skin irritations and allergic reactions. People went on to say that dogs who were originally picky eaters liked this food and they would eat the food with no coaxing or add-ins.

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

There were a few people who said that their dog’s bowel movements have become more regular and they are more solid than they used to be.

Customers report their older dogs had a variety of problems (loose stool, skin problems, and so forth), and when they began feeding the dog this food, those problems cleared up. A few people even commented their dogs became more energetic after eating the food for a few months.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were a portion of customers who were not impressed with this food and what it did for their pets. Customers said that when they gave this food to their dogs, they didn’t see any improvements over the course of a few months.

A small group of people said they noticed their dog’s would have horrible smelling breath after eating the food. Other people complained that their dogs had loose stool or diarrhea after eating the food.

Another common complaint people had was about the price of the food. People were angry that the price of the food has doubled over the years. They did say the food worked well for their dog, but they couldn’t afford such an expensive dog food anymore.

Some people also commented that the dog food they ordered online was either close to the expiration date or the expiration date has already passed and they refused to give their dog old food.

Our Recommendation

There are many dog food brands on the market, but not many of them are grain-free. The Canidae Grain Free Senior Dry Dog Food is a quality dog food that provides your pup with the nutrients they need (protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, etc.) without subjecting them to countless fillers and grains.

We like this dog food because it does have the nutrients an older dog needs to stay healthy and active.

We appreciate that the food contains quality protein sources such as fresh chicken and a fish meal. 

We also like that the food also uses peas and lentils which are good sources of fiber, but also helps with the protein value, too.

Some people did have a few issues where the dog food they received was expired or close to expiration, it’s important to note that this is not a reflection of the company itself, but of the merchant who sells the product.

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

The price of this food can be pretty steep and it is something you will need to take into consideration when shopping. However, if you’re like us who will spare no expense for your elderly companion, then we feel this is a great dog food option.

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