Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dog Food Review

Hill's Science Diet Senior Dog Food Review

Once your dog crosses the age threshold and they are officially considered a “senior” or a “mature” dog, you are going to need to change their food. The senior formula, like that of Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dog Food, is designed to provide your dog with the nutrients they need to be happy, healthy, and energetic!

In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at the Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dog Food. We are going to go over the ingredients of the dog food, but we are also going to give you a brief summary of the reviews for the product.

At the end, we’ll give you our recommendation on whether or not the dog food is worthy of being your pet’s dinner.

About The Product

The Science Diet dog food line from Hills was developed in the 1960s by PhD DVM Mark L. Morris, who was the son of the renowned veterinarian, Dr. Mark Morris Sr. DVM, who was asked to create a specialized diet for a dog with kidney disease.

Because of this success, the Morris’ went on to create other formulas to treat other conditions, as well as life-stage formulas.

Notable features of the Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dog Food include:

Hill's Science Diet Senior Dog Food
  • 22% Protein
  • 32% Fats
  • 46% Carbohydrates

The first ingredient in this dog food chicken meal. Chicken meal is a meat concentrate that is made from rendered chicken that has been dried. Unlike fresh chicken, chicken meal has 300% more protein, making it a quality ingredient. The second ingredient is brown rice.

Brown rice doesn’t offer much by way of nutritional value, but it is easy to digest and it does give your dog a small boost of energy. The next ingredients are wheat, corn, sorghum (respectively). All of these ingredients are inexpensive cereal grains that offer little nutrition and are not considered to be quality ingredients.

The  sixth ingredient is barley. Even though barley is another starchy carbohydrate, it is a decent source of fiber and gives your pet energy. The next ingredient is oats, which are high in dietary fiber, minerals, and B-vitamins.

Pork fat, the eighth ingredient, is used to add flavor to the dog food, by more importantly, it is high in the omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid, which is essential for life.

What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dog Food, the majority of customers left glowing reviews about this dog food. Customers reported that when feeding this dog food to their older pups, they were able to see a difference in how well the dog moved around.

Hill's Science Diet Senior Dog Food

One customer reported that their dog had mobility issues because she was a very large dog. After feeding this food to her dog for 2 months, this customer said her dog was able to move around much easier.

Another customer said that when her active labs turned 11 years old, she noticed a decline in their energy levels.

After feeding them this food, she said she noticed a “complete 180” in their energy levels, but also their eyes were brighter and more alert, and their fur was much healthier too.

Several people have said they used another top-name senior dog food and that caused a bad reaction that caused the dog to get sick, have seizures, have diarrhea, and low energy.

These customers have been giving this food to their dog for several months and all of those symptoms have disappeared.

At the other end of the review-spectrum, there were only few people who were not happy with this dog food. ​Customers reported their dogs did not want to eat this food. Some commented that they had to add something else (canned food, broth, or gravy) just to get them to eat.​

Our Recommendation

Many dog owners feel that their dog is an important member of the family, and they aren’t wrong! We rely on our pets for companionship and comfort much of the time, so when they get older, we want to take the best care of them. One way to do this is by giving them a quality dog food that is specially formulated for elderly dogs.

The Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dog Food is a good food that is designed to give your dog the energy that they may have lost due to their age.

In terms of nutritional value, this isn’t the most nutritious dog food currently on the market, but it isn’t the worst either. We do like that this food uses chicken meal, which we feel is a really good ingredient because of its high protein value. We would have liked to see more vegetables and whole sources of protein, but it’ll do.

It’s important to note that this is a carbohydrate-heavy dog food, which could be problematic for dogs who have weight problems.

Hill's Science Diet Senior Dog Food

If you’re looking for a quality dog food, we believe that this is a good option. Hill’s is a respectable brand that is known for creating dog food that is designed to help your pup stay healthy, even at their advanced age.

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