Iams ProActive Health Senior Dog Food Review

Iams ProActive Health Senior Dog Food Review

When you go down the pet food aisle at the grocery store, you will notice there is a wide selection of food right there at your fingertips. Of the major dog food brands, the IAMS brand is synonymous with quality and nutrition available at an affordable price.

In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at the IAMS ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food. We are going to go over the ingredients used to make the senior dog food, but we are also going to give you a brief summary of the reviews for the product.

At the end, we’ll give you our recommendation on whether or not the dog food is good enough for your four-legged best friend.

About The Product

The IAMS company has was founded by Paul Falknor Iams in 1946, and the brand has been making a variety of dog food products that includes dry and wet food for dogs of all ages and dietary needs, as well as pet health products. The brand emphasizes the importance of nutrition in their food.

Iams ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food for Dogs

The ingredient make-up of the IAMS ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food consists of:

  • 24% Protein
  • 33% Fats
  • 43% Carbohydrates

The first ingredient in this dog food is going to be chicken. Chicken is a quality source of protein, but prior to cooking, the raw meat is 73% moisture. When the chicken is cooked and put into the dog food, it is actually accounting for a small portion of the overall meat content.

The unlike other brands that will have a secondary source of protein listed, but IAMS uses corn as their second ingredient. Corn doesn’t offer much by way of nutritional payout, however it does provide your pet with some energy. The third ingredient, sorghum, is very much like corn, as it doesn’t offer much nutritionally.

The fourth ingredient is chicken byproduct meal. This meal is made from slaughterhouse remnants that have been rendered and dried. The remains are usually organ meat, but it can include things like the feet, beak, undeveloped eggs, and anything other than prime skeletal meat.

Although this meal is made from byproducts, it has 300% more protein than fresh, whole chicken. The fifth ingredient is going to be beet pulp, which is an inexpensive filler that is high in fiber.

The sixth ingredient is going to be natural flavor, and then after that coming in at number 7, we find chicken fat. Chicken fat is a good source of omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid, which is necessary for life.

What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the IAMS ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food, we see that the majority of consumers had good things to say about the food. Customers like that they can buy this food online because in the grocery store, they found the large bag of this food is pretty expensive in comparison.

Iams ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food for Dogs

Customers commented that when they gave their elderly dog this food, they noticed their food allergies went away shortly thereafter.

Other people have commented that their dogs who were picky eaters would gobble down the food. Not only would picky eaters enjoy the food, but customers said when their dog goes to the bathroom, their waste isn’t nearly as large or as stinky as it would be when their dogs ate “cheap” brands.

Although many consumers had great things to report in their reviews, there were some people who were more critical in their comments. The most common complaint people had was that their dog didn’t like the food.

One person said they needed to mix the food with a canned food or add gravy in order to get their dog’s to eat it. Another owner said they mixed the food in with an older brand and the dog would eat around the IAMS food.

Several customers reported this dog food cause problems for their dogs when they ate it. Some said the food gave their dog diarrhea, while others said it cause a skin allergy that caused itching and a not-so-shiny coat.

One person reported that their dog exhibited signs of sore joints and would limp around after giving this food to their dog for a while. This customer also commented that after switching to this food, their dog’s urine would burn the grass.

Our Recommendation

The IAMS ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food is one of the popular varieties of dog food that you can find both online and in many stores across the country.

This particular dog food was created to help give elderly dogs the nutrition they need in their senior years (over 9 years old).

The food claims to provide your pup with healthy energy, stronger muscles, healthier digestive and immune systems, healthy teeth, and healthier bones and joints.

When it comes to quality ingredients, we feel that there are better food options out there.

Yes, it is true that this particular brand uses chicken as their primary ingredient, but once that raw chicken is cooked down, it is only a fraction of its original weight. This means that there needs to be other protein sources in the recipe – and there is.

Iams ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food for Dogs

Unfortunately, the other sources of protein come in the form of chicken by-product meal, which is the fourth ingredient. Corn and sorghum are the second and third ingredient in this recipe and both ingredients don’t really offer much by way of nutrition.

While the IAMS ProActive Health Mature Dry Dog Food isn’t a bad choice for dog food, it isn’t the greatest either. If you’re in a pinch, this food will do, but we feel that if you want a high quality dog food that’ll help your senior dog, there are better options that are similar in price.

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